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DWC REALTORS was established in 2009 by Paul du Plessis and Mariana Coetzee as a privately-owned company. As they subscribe to a high code of ethics in the industry, they infused this along with their unique and highly successful way of marketing property into the establishment of DWC REALTORS.

Paul du Plessis and Mariana Coetzee share a combined realty experience of over 30 years. Paul acted as Principal for 5 of SEEFF’s licenses, in a career that spanned over 15 years, whilst Mariana managed the SEEFF Alberton license. In 2007 Paul was awarded the coveted SEEFF Agent of the Year Award. Their areas of influence include Johannesburg South, Johannesburg North, Alberton and the East Rand.

DWC REALTORS' success relates directly to their passion to perform, outstanding service quality and their belief that in unity there is strength. DWC REALTORS is well-known for the fact that they collaborate closely with buyers, sellers and competitors alike to ensure that client expectations are met.

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